3d Architectural Visualisation

Element Architects provide high quality visualisations for architectural and landscape developments. Visualisation imagery is generated from 3D models and can be used for a variety of purposes and our flexible service can be tailored to suit your particular requirements. Whether you are a developer, architect or designer, architectural visualisation images can be utilised as a highly effective method of communicating your scheme to clients, potential investors and customers. This can help in making crucial decisions during the design review stages, allowing valuable buy-in at every stage.

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  • Design Development
  • Interior design
  • lighting design simulation & analysis
  • Planning Applications
  • Public exhibitions (for Planning)
  • Verified Views (Visual Impact Assessments)
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Competition bid submissions
  • Consultant reports & technical documents

Visualisation for design

Visualisation graphics from a 3d model can be a very beneficial for design development and review. A high level of detail can be focused on a selected exterior or interior view for image generation, enabling testing and review of a scheme (including form, materials & lighting).

This provides a focus from chosen strategic viewpoints within a ‘real world’ scale and camera perspective. To this an accurate simulation of both natural sun and sky, and artificial lighting using industry standard IES data files can also be added.

Visualisation for Planning

For many schemes it can also be of great benefit to view a proposal within its immediate context, and modelling of surrounding structures and landscaping can be incorporated where this is requested. This can be particularly important for urban developments, or where your site is located in a sensitive area in respect of Planning Permission, and many of our 3d visualisations have been used to aid early discussions with Local Planning Authorities, and submitted in support of Planning Applications.