Construction and Quality Management

This stage involves the appointment of a builder and the construction of the project on site through to completion. An architects role during this phase may also include contract administration, site visits, monitoring of quality and information release.

construction-work-on site

Key Actions

  • Advise on appointment of a builder
  • prepare the building contract
  • provide construction information
  • site visits and monitoring of quality
  • certify payments; administer the contract
  • reviewing contractual issues
  • Issuing Architects Instructions
  • Certifying project completion

Stage Method

A building contract is between the property owner and the Building contractor, and sets out the terms and conditions as well as roles and responsibilities of each party during the work. During this phase it is the responsibility of the contractor to project manage and coordinate their work on site within the timescales and costs now set within the contract.

During this time on site, we will administer the contract, and we will monitor the quality of the construction work through regular site visits. We will also review progress, costs and site issues at monthly site meetings with you and the contractor.

The drawings and design information will be provided to the contractor before work begins and work will be monitored against these to ensure that the quality of the work meets these specified standards. Where it does not, the provisions of the contract ensure that the contractor must re-do the work.

Building contracts are in place for the benefit and protection of both the client and the contractor.

Due to the nature of building work, there are many legitimate reasons where the timing and cost can vary. As part of our role we would have responsibility to ensure that any change is managed fairly in line with the contract terms. This also includes certifying staged payments due to the contractor, checking that they are payed only for what they have completed on site, and recommending withholding of money where and if necessary.

We are also responsible for providing the contractor with any additional information needed during construction and answering questions they may have.

At the end of a project on site, we will also inspect the works to ensure that the contract has been completed before issuing a Certificate of Completion.