Post Construction: Project Completion

Whilst the project may have been completed and is ready for you to move in and enjoy, there may still be work to be done by the contractors in order to fulfil their contractual obligations before the final payment can be made. This stage helps to ensure that a project is fully and properly complete.


Key Stage Actions

  • Final inspections
  • identify defects
  • agree final account
  • issue Final payment certificate


Provided that an appropriate building contract has been used, a builders’ responsibility for the work does not end when they leave site, and they are required to correct any defective work during a specified period after this time. This is to ensure that any defective works that are not apparent at completion, and perhaps only become visible or noticed during your use of the new building, can be picked up and corrected.

At the time of our inspection to certify completion, we will compile a list of items of defects that will be handed to the contractor to correct and fix within the specified period. This list is known as a snagging or defects list, and usually will only contain minor items that would not prevent safe use or occupation. Where others defects become apparent following completion, these will be added to this list.

During the project part of the contract sum is retained until a set period after the completion as set within the contract, and will only be released to the contractor once corrective work has been completed. At this point we will issue a Final Certificate to enable the release of this money which marks the end of the contract.

All of these post construction processes are in place to ensure that the work is of the quality and workmanship that you are paying for, and that you are happy with the work done.